It was pleasure meeting Ms Eli and answering basic questions about Business set up Company registration process in Dubai,UAE#Businesssetup #company #registration #Dubai2020



1Qus: what points a person/ investor should consider while opening business here?

Ans: there are 5 points to consider while setting up company in Dubai, UAE: 1. Jurisdiction 2. Business activity 3. Office requirements 4. Resident visa 5. Cost

2 Qus: what do you mean by jurisdiction?

Ans: There are mainly 2 type of entity set up here 1. First is MAINLAND with local partner- 51% stake of UAE National 2. FREE ZONE- 100% Ownership of foreign Investor

3 Qus: What type of activity allowed in UAE Economy?

Ans: There are more than 2000 activities allowed to do business, so we must see the requirement of investor Whether its Trading or service sector.

4 Qus: What about office requirement, is it necessary to take office?

Ans: Yes, In order to obtain license its must to have office either Flexi desk or Physical office.

5 Qus: what is residency visa?

Ans: whenever investor wants to hire someone, he must provide his employees resident visa, generally visa validity 2-3 years, investor also must get residency visa.

6 Qus: How much it cost ?

Ans: The basis license starts from 3000 USD and to open Standard license package which includes license (Legal docs) plus office and 1 investor visa and bank account opening assistance cost approx. USD 10,000.

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