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Trademark Registration in Dubai

A trademark in Dubai can provide any brand or a company a distinct identity. In the UAE, name, logo, seal, figure, symbol, drawing, hallmark, engravings, and advertisement qualifies as a trade. Businesses register trademarks to designate those certain products, goods or services are associated with the owners of the trademarks. It helps businesses to enjoy the goodwill & reputation of the brands in the market that is created by maintaining the quality of the goods or services.

Process of Trademark Registration

  1. Trademark Availability Search
  2. Filling of a Trademark Registration
  3. Application Examination
  4. Local Newspaper Publication
  5. Opposition Period-The opposition period is for 30 days, legally opposition period will be started after the publishing of trademark into the official gazette.
  6. Time Frame for Final Registration Period- 30days
  7. Registration Certificate


  1. Companies
  2. Individual
  3. Trade unions
  4. Partnership

Required Documents

  1. Passport copy
  2. Logo in jpeg format
  3. List of goods / services
  4. POA -Attested from UAE Consulate/Embassy of your country & MOFA in UAE (Attestation fees are separate as per MOFA authority)
  5. Copy of License
  6. Contact Details
  7. Proof of Payment

Benefits of Trademark Registration

  1. Security of your Business

A registered trademark in Dubai is security for your business in many ways. You can use it to get loans from the bank. They will equally value as the immovable property. It is like a license.

  1. Legal authority of Trademark

This is the most important reason behind the registration of the trademark so that the unauthorized usage of your products can be stopped in the market.

  1. Independent Existence

A registered trademark allows a company to enjoy all the benefits from the success of its products. Further, a common trademark is attached to the goodwill of a product.

  1. Transfer Ownership of Trademark

It can transfer to any other product or a person like an asset which transferred by the current owner to anyone else.

Ministry of Economy (MOA) is the competent authority to register intellectual works in the UAE.


Time Frame

The time span for completing the registration formalities ranges from 4 to 5 weeks in the normal course of events.


The trademark registration in UAE is Valid up to 10 Years from the filling date of application


The complete process of trademark registration in UAE cost is from 10,000 AED to 14,000 AED.


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