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Planning to obtain FOOD TRUCK License in Dubai?

Why to get Food Truck License in Dubai?

The whole idea of starting a food truck is derived from the America and European countries, and it has now reached the Middle East, with people accepting and loving the whole picture of eating from a street-side food truck.

  •  Food truck business Dubai is a fast growing business in Dubai; that is in Dubai a number of devoted amenities have been put up to back up this kind of industry.
  • Food truck business Dubai is also creating a demand; that is for function vehicles capable of supporting cooling and heating facilities.
  •  Food truck license Dubai creates fresh investment opportunity for individuals; as well as small and medium size company to invest in this business.
  •  Food truck license Dubai will give you the authority to operate in the remote place; such as park; beach, streets and picnic area; where you can have more consumer then normal residential place.
  • One of the reasons for you to start this Food truck license Dubai; is that people have had enough VIP, five stars and super expensive food. They want simple food which is easy accessible.

Procedure for obtaining a food truck license Dubai

Obtaining a food truck license in Dubai is a very complex procedure; because a food truck business owner must need to approve his Business Plan. After that he needs to take permission from Dubai Municipality to trade food item. He also needs an approval from both the RTA as the truck is license for the road; and DEWA as it will need water and electricity.

Map has to be submitted which will show that the locations is approved by the Police department; and a permit is need to be issue for each of the truck; which will link the truck to a valid commercial license.

The Name of the business should be displayed on all of the truck operate under that business. Food truck license in Dubai can offer a non-alcoholic beverage; also snacks icy refreshments, juices and cold drink etc. Further, all these below authorities approval needs to get:

1.     Department of Economic Development (DED)

2.     Dubai Municipality  

3.     Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)  

4.     Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

Getting a food truck license in Dubai might be a complex procedure for anyone who is setting up a business in Dubai for the first time; but with the help of our business consultants in Dubai, getting a food truck license will easier and time saving.

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