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How to Set up Hospital/Clinic in Dubai

The UAE is well known for its healthcare facilities. The medical and healthcare technologies are so advanced that people from across the globe visit the country for various opportunities.

The UAE government is always keen on providing outstanding healthcare facilities to not only the UAE nationals but the large majority of the foreign population residing in different Emirates. The Dubai government has always played a crucial role in encouraging investors and healthcare professionals to set up various healthcare facilities and research centers in Dubai.

Many foreign investors and healthcare professionals prefer investing in this industry in Dubai. Investors consider both Dubai mainland and the free zone for setting up a clinic. The free zone named Dubai Health Care City is a free zone in Dubai that specially focuses on meeting the ever-increasing medical needs of Dubai and UAE as a whole. Here is how to set up a clinic in Dubai.

There are several benefits to set up a clinic in Dubai. Not only does Dubai have a business-friendly environment but it also offers exemption from taxes, strategic location, and ease of business setup. Some of the major benefits to start a healthcare business in Dubai are:

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 0% tax
  • No customs duties for goods or services
  • The city offers a wide range of tailored real estate solutions
  • Offers opportunities to collaborate with others working in the same field.

Types of Healthcare Business

  1. Ambulatory Centres
  2. Healthcare Investment Management
  3. Professional Development Training
  4. Higher Education Providers
  5. Medical Publishing
  6. Non-Profit Healthcare Organization
  7. Private Clinics and Hospitals
  8. Healthcare Consultancy

Process to Start a Hospital/Clinic

  1. Trade Name Reservation
  2. Get the Initial Approval

*The clinic’s architectural plan with the necessary drawings has to be sanctioned by the Dubai Municipality. Therefore, this process requires separate approval.

  • Get DHA (Dubai Healthcare Authority) Approval

Documents required to acquire the DHA approval:

  • Copy of the passport, visa and Emirates ID (all partners)
  • Trade name reservation document approved by DED
  • The owner-signed DHA agreement
  • Plan approval document
  • Affection plan issued by Dubai Municipality
  • Prepare Documents to be submitted in DED (Department of Economic Development):
  • MOA
  • Lease agreement
  • DED Final Approval 

Documents to get Final Approval from DED:

  • Initial approval Copy
  • No objective certificate (NOC) from the owner to assign Medical Director
  • List of the medical director and healthcare professional
  • Valid Building contract
  • Get DED License
  • Get DHA License

Required Documents

  • Copy of the passport, visa and Emirates ID (all partners)
  • Trade name reservation approved by DED
  • Initial Approval Certificate approved by DED
  • Lease contract
  • Floor plan and layout plan of the facility
  • The owner-signed DHA agreement
  • Affection plan issued by Dubai Municipality
  • Plan approval document

Authorities Involved in Setup

  1. DED – Department of Economic Development
  2. DHA – Dubai Healthcare Authority
  3. Dubai Municipality
  4. Dubai Civil Defense


On average the approximate cost to start a healthcare business in Dubai is between 60,000 AED to 70,000 AED.

If you have queries regarding setting up hospitals/clinics in Dubai, you can call or send a WhatsApp message at +971504092494 or email us at info@anuvibs.com, ANUVI BUSINESS SOLUTIONS team can assist you throughout the process at a very low cost.

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