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How can I get business license in Dubai?

The necessities of trade license and therefore the authorizations required from different businesses and government services can vary depending upon the classification of the business.

That implies a couple of kinds of businesses as an example financial services, health services, printing and distributing, nourishment trading require a much bigger number of clearances than state a general trading business.


An activity is an arena of doing business, it’s trading of some product or service. Every authority features a list of activities allowed. supported the activity type the license is assessed into a special sort of indifferent authority.


In UAE Business License is mandatory to try to any business. the sort of license depends on the activity or sort of business you select. Each license features a limit of activities you’ll conduct. the number of activities permitted in “one” license, differs from one authority to a different. Licensed must be renewed per annum.

Types of Company Activities and Licensing in UAE

There are fundamentally 3 classifications of licenses gave in UAE to enlist a corporation

Depending upon the thought of the movement a business substance intends to aim, license in one among these classes are going to be given:

1. Commercial License – to tend to a corporation that will participate in any kind of trading movement.

2. Industrial License – to tend to a corporation that will participate in assembling or any modern action.

3. Professional License – to tend to specialist businesses, experts, craftsmen, and skilled workers.
The Department of Economic Development in Dubai is that the administrative organization responsible for giving nearby Dubai organization licenses. This division works from a couple of areas to convey licensing services.

Be that because it may, the principal office situated on the brink of the tower in Dubai is that the place a specialist must choose a far-reaching scope of everything being equal.

At Anuvi Business solutions , we understand that some time is precious. We also know that fixing your company can appear to be an awesome task. Rest assured, we are here to require all the effort out of the licensing process.

There are two ways to urge your business license in Dubai. First, you are doing it yourself.

At Anuvi Business solutions, we don’t simply apply for a business license for you, we exerting to make sure that each one your needs are met within the timeliest and most convenient way possible.
We understand that getting your business license are often a cumbersome, time-consuming, and even stressful process. It takes such a lot of some time and energy – time and energy that you simply should have used for other more important matters of your business.

We are here to offer you peace of mind. With our team of experts handling your application, you’ll be confident that when we are done, you’ve got nothing to stress about but your business.

We have a highly professional team who have the proper knowledge and knowledge to navigate the legalities for a business start-up.

Our years of experience allow us to barter and complete the required legal paperwork and documents in record time. We handle the appliance and issuance of the license with little to no supervision on your part. We are fully committed to helping you begin your business with none hassle.

Get in-tuned with us today. Discover how we will help and that we will show you that getting a license shouldn’t be a tough thing to try to to . We also offer other excellent business solutions to assist you grow your Business setup in Dubai. Call us now!

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