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Dubai Custom Registration

If you want to import or export goods to Dubai then your company must be registered with Dubai Customs – and that means obtaining a code for the clearance of goods. In order to obtain this code, your business must hold a valid trading (or commercial) license.

If you do intend to register with Dubai Customs, then the application is done online, and once your payment has been made and your application reviewed, you will receive your approval (providing everything is in order.)

From there, you will be allocated a unique Customs Code and validity is one year, and it can be renewed after the Business License is renewed every year.

Allowed Entities in Dubai Customs Registration

  • Importer (commercial)
  • Exporter (commercial)
  • Broker
  • Free Zone
  • CTO
  • CH (Cargo Holder)
  • Overseas Company
  • Private Individual
  • Airline Agent
  • Shipping Line Agent
  • Importer (professional)
  • Importer (industrial)
  • Exporter (professional)
  • Warehouse
  • Gate Control Authority
  • Courier

Required Documents

  • Valid trade license copy
  • Passport copies of the authorized person
  • Chamber of commerce certificate
  • An undertaking letter


  • New Customs Client Code: AED 100
  • Renewal Of Existing Client Code: AED 25


  1. Visit Dubai Trade Portal and fill in the application for a customs code.
  2. Submit the following documents through the portal:
  • Copy of your trade license
  • Copy of your passport (all owners/partners)
  • Phone number (all owners/partners)
  • AED 100 for the customs code fee

3. On the portal, you can now register. Once your form has been sent, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

4. Fill in the application.

5. Submit Required documents.

4. Finish registration and wait for approval of your ‘new business code’.

The code is generated electronically after the application is reviewed and payment collected by the customs authorities. The code obtained after registration with Dubai customs is renewed annually after the annual renewal of the commercial license by the concerned authority.

Restricted Products in Customs Dubai

  1. Pets and Domestic animals – A pre-approval is required from Dubai authorities as well as a medical test of the pet animal
  2. Food Items
  3. Medicines and Drugs – Tourists needs to be cautious with what they are carrying with them into the country and might need to carry a doctor’s prescription
  4. Publications – Electronic or physical artwork which clashes with the beliefs of Islam
  5. Technical Equipment – Certain equipment’s require pre-approval form Dubai authorities
  6. Alcohol and Cigarettes – One needs to be aged above 18 to carry items and the amount should not increase the permitted amount.

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